Why I Love Treating Scoliosis!

Having specialized in scoliosis treatment now for over a year and a half, I have come to realize a few things that make this condition my favorite to treat, but also one of the most challenging.  As with the bonsai tree I have in the clinic, the scoliosis patient takes consistent care, specific instruction, and patience to gain the ability to control and affect their curve, rather than being controlled by it.


When I decided to specialize in scoliosis 2 years ago, and started my own clinic, I had no idea the adventure I was about to embark on.  Going through training using the Schroth Method was challenging, and implementing the things I had learned opened my eyes to how much a conservative approach to spinal deformity is needed.  Now, after seeing over 40 patients with scoliosis in the last year, I feel confident we are providing the best possible conservative treatment for this unique condition.

482233511_XSI have seen quite a variety of patients, with adults, adolescents, and even juveniles, and am constantly amazed no curve is the same.  Because of this, treatment plans are specific to the patient and are tailored to their specific curve.  We have had patients come from all over Utah, as well as Idaho, Montana, and even Canada to participate in our scoliosis program!  Since all those curves have been different, they also all affect the person in a different way.  Sometimes, that effect is more emotional than physical, and sometimes the effect is pain and limitation in doing the things that we enjoy.

Some patients have required more instruction and hands on therapy, while some progress very quickly to independence in their home exercise program.  All of these patients have gained more confidence in their posture and strength, and have improved their quality of life.

SCOLIOSISI have been amazed by how strong my scoliosis patients are mentally, and how quickly they learn to manage their curve. As any of them can tell you, these are not easy exercises, but with practice and consistency, these patients are able to do something about a condition most physicians have told them the only thing to do is “wait and see”.  One thing very exciting to me is that we are gaining more evidence to support this treatment method, and with that evidence are getting more support from physicians and other healthcare professionals.

To all those who have supported my clinic while on this ride, I wish to say a sincere “THANK YOU!!”.  It has taken great friends, new acquaintances, supportive physicians, and amazing patients to make this work and get the word out.

My ultimate goal is to build the best conservative scoliosis program in the state, and I know with the help and support of my amazing patients, and teamwork with their physicians, we can help many more people living with scoliosis!

As with any back problem, don’t let your back define who you are.  There are things you can do, and the Schroth Method is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to TAKE CONTROL!!

If you would like more information about our scoliosis program, email me at david@utahphysicaltherapy.com , or call us at (801)980-0860 to set up a free consultation, where we can go over your specific curve in more detail.  You can also visit our NEW Scoliosis WEBSITE at www.utahscoliosistherapy.com to learn more.

David D. Butler, DPT, OCS
Owner, Clinic Director
Utah Physical Therapy – Lehi