Specific Exercises for Runners

Here are a few of our favorite exercises for runners, which focus on some of the most commonly neglected muscle groups.  Depending on your specific problem, the following exercises may be appropriate, but for an exercise program tailored to your needs, come see us!

  1. The Dreaded Side Plank! This is one of my favorite core and hip strengthening exercises to help with stabilizing the leg and pelvis. Great for IT band problems, hip pain, and many other issues.
  2. Lateral Walk! This is a great hip strengthening exercise to improve hip stability and strengthen the muscles that get neglected with always doing forward motion. Strong lateral hip muscles help keep the knee in good alignment, preventing common knee and other leg injuries.
  3. Foam Rolling! Most of us have used a foam roll before, and it is usually one of those “hurts so good” feelings when using it. Here is a quick overview of how to use one on the lateral leg to help with knee and leg problems as a result of tension.

If there are other exercises you would like us to post, please leave a comment and we will do our best to accommodate. To help you learn exercises specific to your condition, set up a consultation today!