Scoliosis Imaging using Formetric Topography

Introducing the Diers Formetric 4D system we just purchased for imaging scoliosis and other spinal deformities, WITHOUT RADIATION!!  I am committed to providing the best and most current technology for monitoring and treating scoliosis available.  This tool definitely qualifies as cutting edge, and it is the only one in the Western United States available outside of research facilities.


Benefits of using the Formetric include:

  • 3 Dimensional imaging of the spine
  • No Radiation exposure
  • Quantitative measurements of posture
  • Fast and easy setup and imaging
  • Real time feedback on corrective exercises
  • Accurate Monitoring of Scoliosis Curve progression

One of the things I am most excited about is using the Formetric for feedback during Schroth exercises to correct the scoliosis posture.  Taking an image in a relaxed position, followed by an image with the patient in a corrected position, doing their exercises, will give me accurate feedback if the exercise performed is actually doing what we want it to for correction of the curve.

We can also use this with many other conditions.  With the ability to put specific numbers on postural measures, as well as pelvic position, we can gain more information and guidance on back pain, as well as pain and dysfunction in the upper back and neck.

One of our society’s plaques is bad posture.  With phones, tablets, and laptops being so prevalent, our posture has progressively moved forward with muscles having to control that forward progression.  This can lead to headaches, back pain, shoulder impingement, and nerve impingement.  With quantifying the postural position with the Formetric, we can accurately evaluate posture, and assess progress with repeat scans.


I am SO EXCITED to bring this imaging system to our area!  In treating scoliosis, it is an invaluable tool, and my hope is to use this, along with the Schroth Method, to build the BEST and MOST ADVANCED conservative scoliosis program in the state.  As we are able to reach and work with more scoliosis patients, I hope to empower them with something more than the traditional “wait and see” approach to scoliosis care.

If you know someone living with scoliosis, PLEASE SHARE this with them!  The more we get the word out, hopefully the more people we can help.  Thank you!

David Butler, DPT, OCS
Owner/Clinic Director
Utah Physical Therapy – Lehi
230 N 1200 E ste 103
Lehi, UT 84043