5 Active Things to Do in Utah Even Without Snow

With Christmas over, and the new year started, life is starting to calm down a bit. Usually, at this time of year, I start changing my focus from the holidays to snow sports. Skiing is one of my passions, and in recent years I have also started taking my family snowshoeing. We live in such an amazing state for summer and winter activities.

The problem? No SNOW! The precipitation this year is below 50% of average in Northern Utah, Central and Southern Utah are around 15% of average.

This year has proven to be more challenging for winter activities due to our lack of snow, and we have to get a little more creative when deciding how to be active without the white fluffy stuff.

Here are 5 things you can do to stay active, even without snow on the ground.

  1. Visit State Parks and Historical Sites
    We live in a state with awesome State Parks and historical sites. Usually, in the winter there is a drop in patrons to these areas because of the snow. Not a problem this year! You can visit these state parks and historical sites without worrying about traveling or walking around in the snow. Here are a few to think about.This is the place park
    Antelope Island State Park:
    Check out the many types of wildlife on the island while you see a great piece of Utah history at the Fielding Gerr Ranch.  One big bonus! In the winter there are NO FLIES!!
    This is the Place Heritage Park:
    Explore Utah’s heritage and history with activities for the whole family.
    Hill Aerospace Museum:
    One of my favorite museums to go to in the state. My kids loved this place. Check out the history of the aviation industry.
  2. Trail Running
    To be honest, trail running is acTaylorTimptually really fun in the snow as well, but without snow, there are many more trails you can access. If you go a little higher, you can even escape the inversion.  Here are a couple places to try.Timpanogos FoothillsThere are a ton of trails you can access from the valley that goes around the front side of Timp. Try starting at one of the canyons. Grove Creek, Battle Creek, and Dry Creek all meet up with a great trail system.
    One of my favorite places to mountain bike is also a great place to trail run. Draper has done an awesome job at keeping the trails in great condition.  Something for everyone in this canyon.(If you have pain while you are out there, check out our Runner’s Portal where you can get running form tips and help with injuries.  www.utahphysicaltherapy.com/run)
  3. Fishing
    Whether Fishing Iceit is catching trout in Deer Creek or White Bass and Catfish in Utah Lake and in the Jordan River, Utah has some great fisheries. With less snow, the lakes are usually more accessible. Make sure to check out the ice before venturing out on anything frozen.
  4. West Desert Rock Hunting
    On New Years, my family and I went for a West Desertdrive in the West Desert and walked around looking for rocks. It sounds kind of lame, but it was really pretty fun. The kids were able to get outside and run around, and we actually found some cool stuff.
    There are many places you can go. We just drove out past Eagle Mountain and Cedar Fort to 5 Mile Pass. There you can take some dirt roads out into the great expanse that is the west desert. If you have ATVs or UTVs, this is a great place to come as well.
  5. Soak and Swim in some Hot Springs
    Hot SpringsUtah has quite a few hot springs, and on a cold winter day, these can really feel good. Many people talk about the health benefits of a good soak in the mineral water, which I really have no opinion on. I just think it feels good to soak in the warm water.Here are a few to think about.The Crater in Midway
    Crystal Hot Spring in Honeyville
    Saratoga Hot Springs
    Fifth Water Hot Springs in Spanish Fork Canyon

There are so many things to do in our state with and without snow that there is really no excuse to just sit on the couch all winter watching Netflix. The 5 above are just a drop in the bucket.

Get out there and be active……. and PRAY FOR SNOW!!

David Butler, Physical Therapist