Breathe Again!

Shortness of breath, difficulty in doing normal activities, weakness and or requiring the use of supplemental oxygen are all signs and symptoms of lung and heart health. Environmental and health factors often contribute to decreased oxygen supply to our body, therefore individuals lose their breath easier and or require supplemental oxygen to survive. There may be an answer to your problems:

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists are trained health care providers who can assist those with lung and breathing problems and inefficiencies. Often times Physical Therapists can reduce and even eliminate the need for supplemental oxygen, improve your shortness of breath, and improve your ability to accomplish all that you want to.

What to expect?
Physical Therapy for lung disease is tried and true. Believe it or not, it has been going on for sometime with some incredible results. Here is what you should expect:
1. A comprehensive evaluation of your current condition with an assessment of your current function and capabilities along with what your goals for Physical Therapy would be.
2. Creation of a rehabilitation program to improve all of the challenges and deficits that are found during the evaluation.
3. Home exercise program- a program for your home will be given to you so that you can supplement what is accomplished at your therapy sessions.
4. Communication with your physician. We will communicate all that you are doing, including your progress to your physician so he or she can be aware of your progress.

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Why is it important?
Lung problems can lead to:
• Weakness in your arms and legs
• Balance problems and increased risk of falling
• Nutritional problems
• and lung problems are often related to high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis and more.

See your Physical Therapist, recommend Physical Therapy to a Friend, inform your Doctor!

Be an advocate for yourself, let us help you.

Chad Tenney, MPT, OCS
Owner, Clinic Director
Utah Physical Therapy – West Haven